UNBLOCKED is a project collaboration with Crayola where we created a whole collection set of activity books, markers, and more. The chosen name of UNBLOCKED is meant to help motivate or inspire those who might be currently going through an artist's block and need help getting the engine running.
For my set, I decided to include two activity books, a marker set, and a pack of plungy stickers.
I created an insert within the box that would hold everything in, I tried to make sure that it wouldn't be too big as it would be too difficult to figure out how everything would be stored inside without making it chunky or bulky. I also didn't want to make a massive box as it would look unappealing to me and I wanted to make it sleek and clean.
For my sticker set I created wonderful and amazing illustrations of my amazing character Plungy that showcases his many skills and talents. He is the UNBLOCKED mascot after all. How can you hate him?
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