The goal for this project was to select one major sport event and create a brand new style-based event and the year selected. I chose the FIFA World Cup as it's one of the only sporting events that I am familiar with. The World Cup has been taking place every four years without interruption (except for two years) and I decided to go with the year 1999 because it isn't a possible year that it could be hosted and it's also the year I was born (how fun!). I chose Denmark as the hosting location as I thought it would be an interesting place to choose as it has never been a location to host the event.
The first element that I start with was creating the main logo for the event. For the logo, I aimed to create something that is elegant but also works when applied to different elements and formats. Some inspiration that I used was based on the elements that are featured in the architecture in Denmark and also some crest-like features such as the flares and swoops that form the shape of the World Cup Trophy. The floral centerpiece is supposed to represent the floral emblem present on the Denmark National Football Team emblem.
I applied the FIFA Logo on multiple different backgrounds to see how it would work in different applications. I applied it to a dark background using full color, on a light background in a single color, and on a dark/color background in a single color.
I also created a set of patterns made using the cup logo, two are a grid-based style that is tight and full of texture in white and black, and one is a floral style that is very open and elegant. As shown in the image I applied each pattern on multiple color backgrounds to showcase how it would look.
This is another pattern piece that I created using a pattern design from my pattern set but in a more refined and developed portrayal. I wanted this specific pattern piece to be used across multiple design elements as a background. I aimed for this piece to give a sense of embroidery and royalness that would be present in clothing.
I redesigned the FIFA website using the new design style so that every bit of information and element reflects such. I used the 2022 World Cup information to see how my design would work using current events from the game.
I also created an Instagram mockup post that depicts the official announcement of the World Cup event with its new design, the location where it will be held, and the starting and end date.
Looking back at it now I realize that during 1999 there wasn't anything to the likes of Instagram or a full-fledged website with information and beautiful design. Then again this was a hypothetical project that even though not possible, would showcase what could have been.
Design Style applied on clothing apparel: Jersey and Cap
Field Logo Application Mockup
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